1. Product Characteristics:
SUPERCRETE-101 is a specially designed concrete mix which, when applied in civil construction, exhibits excellent early bonding in the concrete thereby developing a very quick concrete strength.

The controlled fashioned special design makes SUPERCRETE-101 exhibit excellent beneficial properties in concrete such as excellent particle packing, very good flow, low consistency, even at very high temperature. As a result, SUPERCRETE-101 practically works as an excellent crack mender.

SUPERCRETE-101 is a resultant formulation of many years of R&D which exhibits excellent stability even at extreme ambient temperatures such as at as low as - 400C.

2. Product Application Suitability:
  • Cracked wall plaster of buildings.
  • Wall cracks where quick setting and leakage-proofing is essential.
  • Foundation wall plaster and concrete under harsh surrounding soil or exposure to biogenic corrosion.

3. User Advantages:
  • Place of application gets ready for use after 24 hours of application
  • No more curing is required post application.
  • It’s a ready- to-use concrete mix and with addition of water which doesn’t require any more addition of other aggregate or additive.
  • The concrete exhibits initial setting time within 60 to 80 minutes and final setting time within 300 minutes.
  • The concrete exhibits excellent permeability resistance and hence works against water leakage without any more additives.
  • It shows excellent corrosion resistance even for biogenic attack.

4. Physical Properties:
Colour Off-white / grey
Specific gravity 2.6 to 2.9
Vicat initial setting 60 to 80 minutes
Vicat final setting < 300 minutes

5. Packaging
SUPERCRETE-101 is available in 50kg bags with extra liner inside to protect against atmospheric moisture and humidity.

The company warrants that the information provided in this data sheet are indicative and for guidance only. Although reasonable care has been taken for the information contained herein, no warranty is given for any technical advice or recommendations provided in the data sheet. The user is advised to test the material sample for suitability before use.

Mission & Vision
The company has the mission to be the most preferred producer of building materials for smarter living for its consumers around the globe through innovation in technology, dedicated customer-focus and zero-defect quality philosophy. The company makes every endeavour to forge close links with its customers and shares its strength of more than 3 decades of experience & professional expertise of its promoters in the field.


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