JDFIL-TL    [Cementing Styles]
JDFIL-TL is the resultant formulation of several years of intense research develop a suitable sustainable crack filler.

JDFIL-TL is a ready-to-use unique product that is specially designed to fill the ceramic tile joints.

JDFIL-TL is a novel cementing formulation that offers:
  • Quick setting
  • Resistance to wear & corrosion
  • Resistance to infiltration and leakage.

Cold Crushing Strength

Maintains suffcient flow at all natural ambient temperatures

This is used to fill the gap between the two tiles to protect it from leakage or corrosion.

How to Apply
  • Prepare the surface of application by cleaning for the dust or silt.
  • Soak the surface area with sufficient water.
  • Fix the tiles as required.
  • Take a required quantity of JDFIL-TL powder in a container, add required quantity of water & stir it well to make a homogeneous dough.[Use the dough within 100 minutes of mixing water]
  • Put the dough in between the tile joints.
  • Use a spatula to wipe out excessive dough on the tile joints & leave it 5/6hrs. complete the setting.
Mission & Vision
The company has the mission to be the most preferred producer of building materials for smarter living for its consumers around the globe through innovation in technology, dedicated customer-focus and zero-defect quality philosophy. The company makes every endeavour to forge close links with its customers and shares its strength of more than 3 decades of experience & professional expertise of its promoters in the field.


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